31 Oct 2015

Pros & Cons of Less Container Load (LCL)

Send Parcel to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir

Are you a corporate individual? Are you Up to making your Shipment Soon? If yes, then you must ask following questions to yourself before heading as it has always been wise enough to glance over some insights before locking any deal;

  • Am I about to Send Parcel to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir or any other Asian
  • How much freight cost will I have to
  • What transport medium would be suitable for
  • How much Quantity will I be shipping in This
  • Is it going to be LCL (Less Container Load) OR FCL (Full Container
  • What pros and cons will I happen to front while going for FCL or LCL?
Since we are talking about LCL particularly for this content so let’s focus on it.

LCL actually refers to the load of consignment or cargo that is less than the standard container load and that’s why it is known as Less Container Load. Furthermore, a shipper only pays for the particular space that is occupied by his consignment or boxes. You can actually head on for LCL but before that it would be reasonable to look into some pros and cons of this particular manner of transportation.
Advantages of LCL:

  1. The best thing about LCL is, you are charged according to the volume occupied. Therefore, you will only be paying for that specific area occupied by your cargo in one
  2. Here you have one more great advantage with the Less container Load. If you go for the LCL manner of transport, you are pretty much flexible with few things such as; you are free to pick and drop your cargo yourself directly from the warehouse. You don’t need to rely upon any middle man for
  3. Your shipment time with LCL will be the same as of FCL. In other word, you won’t happen to front any partiality and you will be having same facilities for international transports.

Disadvantages of LCL:

  1. Consignment inspection is really an important phase and unfortunately if another shipper’s consignment, which is in the same container where your consignment is, gets caught due to any suspect. This also gets your consignment at
  2. Actual traveling time for FCL and LCL is same but there is some delay of about one to two days when it comes to loading or unloading.

Since you have been through all the pros and cons of FCL and LCL manner of transportation, you can now make a wise decision of which medium you want to go for. Furthermore, Pak Cargo will better guide you if you have any shipment for Birmingham, Australia, UK and etc.



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